Watch Metalcore Bands Play Gig in a Wendy’s

A bathroom break turned into arguably the first ever Wendy's pit
Photo credit © Sheila Fitzgerald |

Wendy’s is essentially the unofficial sponsor of the scene at this point. Sorry to Taco Bell and all the free food they’ve given bands, there’s a new queen in town. 

After proving their in-depth knowledge of everything from pop punk to post hardcore by roasting bands and record labels on Twitter, Wendy’s is making up for it by turning their restaurant into a venue. On February 26 in Knoxville, TN, metalcore bands Capital Vices and Makena ripped through a set in the lobby of a Wendy’s.

“We stopped to use the restroom and just jokingly asked if we could play,” Capital Vices explains to Alt Press of their impromptu set. The manager apparently allowed it as part of her birthday celebration. 

Watch videos of their performance (yes, while the restaurant was open) below: