Maynard James Keenan Reveals the Return of Puscifer

Get ready for October

Official report from Jerome, AZ: New Puscifer, mother*******!

Puscifer started as a Tool/A Perfect Circle supergroup, but has evolved into a performance art collective of musicians willing to fulfill singer Maynard James Keenan's wild musical whims over the years... and thankfully so.

This incarnation of the band features Keenan, Carina Round, and multi-instrumentalist Mat Mitchell as well as guitarist Greg Edwards of the band Failure, and drummers Gunnar Olsen and Sarah Jones.

The band's upcoming release, Existential Reckoning, was announced just after midnight on Friday, September 18 along with the single "The Underwhelming," and will be available in stores and streaming online on October 30.

The band lead into the announcement of their fourth studio record with a series of hints on social media this week. Puscifer's last release was 2015's Money Shot, but there have been numerous remix, live albums, and EPs to hold fans over throughout the years.

Check out the full track list below.

Existential Reckoning:
1. Bread and Circus
2. Apocalyptical
3. The Underwhelming
4. Grey Area 5.1
5. Theorem
6. UPGrade
7. Bullet Train to Iowa
8. Personal Prometheus
9. A Singularity
10. Postulous
11. Fake Affront
12. Bedlamite

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