Members of Tool, Mastodon, and More Crush This Cover of Rush

Turn this one up to eleven

An all-star group of rockers came together to form a one-time supergroup and pay tribute to one of prog rock’s greatest band’s, Rush.

Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez (vocals), Tool’s Danny Carey (drums), Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher (guitar), and PrimusLes Claypool (bass) joined Two Minute’s to Late Night’s Steven Brodsky (Cave In) and Gwarsenio Hall (Jordan Olds) to cover the classic Rush track “Anthem.”

The cover comes as part of Two Minutes to Late Night’s “Bedroom Covers” series where they bring in musicians to join in a virtual collaboration.

Their latest effort unleashes a phenomenal roster of musicians that have all been influenced by Rush.

Take a listen to their rendition of “Anthem.”

The late Neil Peart played an instrumental role in shaping Danny Carey as a drummer. Back in January, Carey and Tool paid tribute to Peart durin the band’s concert in San Diego as part of their Fear Inoculum tour.

During the show, they performed “A Passage to Bangkok” from Rush’s 2112 into their setlist. After the show was over, the group exited the stage as the title track played over the venue’s speakers.

While Carey was performing his nightly drum solo “Chocolate Chip Trip,” a picture of Neil Peart was projected behind him.

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