Someone tried to take Trapt to Judge Judy but the band says they will 'never go'

'F*** that guy' says singer Chris Taylor Brown

OK, quick Trapt recap...

Chris Taylor Brown, lead singer for self-proclaimed MAGA rockers Trapt is currently being sued by a man named Travis Livingstone, a video and graphic artist who was apparently hired to do some work for the "Headstrong" hitmakers after previously being involved in their two latest album covers, and the lyric video for "Make It Out Alive."

In a post left on an unofficial Trapt Facebook group by Livingstone and screengrabbed by Twitter user @TeethCrack, the artist is apparently owed compensation for further work and called out the singer publicly for allegedly dodging the payment.

We're not done. So, a television producer at CBS seems to have gotten wind of the feud and reached out via a letter to Livingstone to see if he would like to litigate the situation in front of the very capable Judge Judy Sheindlin and her camera crew.

“Our field researchers have selected and brought my attention the small claims case that you have filed in the (redacted) small claims court against Chris Brown,” the supposed letter reads.

Brown, who runs the band's Twitter account posted his response to the offer while fighting with a Texas radio station for no reason, saying "We’ll definitely would never go on a show with a dude who should be thanking me for not putting his attempt at a lyric video out. He got almost 3k for the first lyric video and the deal was deliver and I pay whatever we talked about. He didn’t. End of story."

Brown continued to eloquently explain that Livingstone did not deliver what was asked of him and in his view, he's doing the man a favor by not releasing his finished product.

"F*** that guy! Especially at this point. He totally dropped the ball on what we talked about. If it gets released, he will never work again. I’m doing him a favor," says Brown.

Prior to this news, Trapt were in the press just last month as they were one of the bands to perform at the 2020 Sturgis Buffalo Chip music festival that took place in South Dakota from August 7-16 along with Smash Mouth, Buckcherry, Lit, Drowning Pool and more.

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