Fearless Photographer Captures The Moment A Shark Charged Towards Him

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Photo credit Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV

From looking at these photos you can probably count all the teeth on these sharks. 

While diving off the coast of the Neptune Islands in South Australia, an area well-known for their shark tourism, 32-year-old Kane Overall took some scary photos of some great white sharks. Kane was inside of a protective barrier when the sharks approached him. 

Kane says he used a Canon 5d Mark IV with a 50mm lens to take these pictures. “She was around 3.5 meters. It came in around two meters from the cage and then one time charged us for this shot and ended up turning off around two feet from my camera. I knew it was going to be a pretty wild shot but maybe too close as I was shooting 50mm.” 

Check out Kane’s pictures below. 

Via: The Sun