Bikini Model Says Being “Too Good-Looking” Makes It Hard To Find Love

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By 98.7 KLUV

Jenna Thompson is having a hard time finding a true love.

The mother of two says it’s “impossible” in fact to find love.  “Nice men” are intimated by her, and since becoming single two years ago, she’s only experienced dating “disasters.”  So what does she think the problem is?  Well, Thompson, a bikini model, feels she is just “too good-looking.”

Thompson told ITV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, “I'm too good-looking to find love. I think I intimidate guys.  I intimidate nice guys.  So I seem to attract guys who are after one thing.  Or people who think they’ll have a go, have a shot and they seem to just want hook-ups.  No one is looking for anything serious.”

Of course, the internet has not been too kind to Thompson.  One Twitter user wrote, ““’I’m too good looking to find love’. No wonder she’s not got far with such a narcissistic attitude.”  Another, “What is she on about!  Do anything to get on the telly.  Love your clearly too picky and want the 'perfect man'.  It's got nothing to do with your looks.”  And finally, “So Miss Fake thinks she is too good looking to find a date does she? Sounds like someone has a very over inflated ego to me.”

Via Fox News