Arlington Man Pays Fantasy Football Debt Visiting Dog Park Covered in Peanut Butter Wearing Gold Speedo

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By 98.7 KLUV
According to a Central Track YouTube post, "Arlington resident Steven Shrout lost his fantasy football league -- and his punishment was to cover himself in peanut butter and take a trip to a dog park in Dallas' Deep Ellum neighborhood. This is the video one of his league-mates shot of that bet payoff."

Oh yeah, he gained attention... quickly... lol!

According to Central Track, Shrout says, “My friends and I play fantasy football, and I was the big loser.” 

Shrout, an Arlington resident, is new to being part of a 12-team league, which some of his high school friends formed in 2009. This year, players decided to make things more interesting by charging all players a $250 buy-in. The person who finished last would have to either pay an additional $250 or execute a foolish (and fun in this case... lol) stunt the remaining league players agreed on.

Shrout continued, “I told the people at the park it was a lost Super Bowl bet because I was really nervous and embarrassed at the time. [It was> extremely humiliating, but the people at the park were really nice about it.”

Here's a Blake Powers shout-out to Steven Shrout, who paid-up and took my go-to-food places that even a dog  appreciates ... :). Fist-pounds, Steven!