Carrollton's '80s Prom Party For Adults Is Saturday Night

80s party neon lights
Photo credit Photo: Viorel Dudau/
By 98.7 KLUV

Nobody plays more '80s than 98.7K-LUV, but tomorrow night/Saturday night, Carrollton is going to do their best, with an Adult '80s Prom!

NBC 5 spoke with Carrollton Parks and Recreation director Scott Whitaker who said, "We all kind of reflect back then — whether it be the music, or the bright colors, the types of clothes that we wore and the dancing that went on. It was really a fond memory."

Whitaker continued, "This is just a community outreach. Something for our citizens to enjoy and have a good night out on the town on a weekend — something they can do." Whitaker encourages parents to, "Get a babysitter. Just relax and have a good night."

The Carrollton '80s adult prom is for anyone age 21+, 7:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. Tickets are $40 per couple, $30 per individual, and at the door of the Trinity Room at Crosby Recreation Center, 1610 E. Crosby Rd., or register on-line, HERE.  Cash bar with beer and wine available. 

Oh, and a King and Queen will be crowned! High school promo photos must be submitted for consideration. Call 972.466.9816 to learn more.

Guys, if you're a size 30 or 32 in the waist (32 length), I think I have a pair of baggy Francois Girbaud pants with snaps near the ankle for a tighter fit... lol!