Coldest Weather So Far This Winter Coming This Weekend

Freeze warning sign
Photo credit Photo: James Martin/
By 98.7 KLUV
NBC 5 reports after a nice North Texas warming trend of 60s tomorrow, Thursday, and 70s on Friday, a major change begins this weekend.

An arctic cold front with a gusty northwest wind is expected Saturday. Temps will drop into the 30s by afternoon with windchills in the teens.

Sunday and Monday morning low temps will be in the 20s, marking the coldest weather in the area so far this winter.

Make sure you, your home, and your vehicle are prepared:


  • stay warm
  • make sure windows, doors, and fireplace shafts are closed when not being used.
  • don't let your home get too cold and avoid possible damage, especially to plumbing, by leaving faucets dripping slightly
  • check on family and friends who may need help
  • keep pets warm


  • tire pressure (keep a small air pressure gauge in your vehicle, which are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased at most stores that carries automotive necessities). 
  • proper radiator coolant levels
  • heater is working correctly
  • warm clothes, heavy jacket & gloves
  • a blanket if traveling any distance

When Out:

  • Dress appropriately and don't take chances. Avoid prolonged contact with the cold. You never know what could happen, forcing you to be outside longer than you had expected.

DFW traffic is bad enough and having an accident when weather is bitterly cold, is worse. Be prepared!