UPDATE: Britney Spears' Mental Health Meds Carefully Updated To Avoid Suicidal Tendencies

Britney Spears
Photo credit Photo: Marc Piasecki/Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV
TMZ reports in addition to having difficulty dealing with her father's health issues, Britney Spears' prescribed meds to help stabilize her mentally, were becoming ineffective. 

In order to change her custom designed meds, doctors had to carefully wean her from the current ones. Not doing so could cause her to become suicidal. Yes, her situation is that serious.

Once Britney was cleared of her previous prescription regime, a new one had to be created by trial and error, and those errors made her unstable and unwilling to cooperate with the medical team working with her. This is when she was admitted to a mental healthcare facility. 

Fortunately, TMZ has learned doctors feel they have finally found the right balance of meds. This is why Britney left the facility for Easter Sunday and is at the end of her stay at the facility.

Again, best wishes to Britney and her father for good health, and their family.