VIDEO: Snake Caught On Camera Attacking Oklahoma Man

Red-Tailed Green Ratsnake Yawning on Nature Background
Photo credit Photo: Backiris/Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV

North Texas spring rains can mean more than just flood issues, and you'll think of more, after reading this!

CNN reports on Sunday, Jerel Heywood of the Lawton, OK area, went to visit his friend Rodney Copeland. When Heywood opening Copeland's screen door... a snake lunged forward to bite Heywood on his head!

A neighbor heard Copeland and his wife scream, grabbed a hammer, bolted to Copeland's home, knocked the snake down, and killed it.

Copeland said, "I was in shock"..."That could've been anyone of us."

Copeland says it's the first time he's found a snake at his home and suspects the reason the 5-foot-5 temporary resident had taken to such an elevation is because of recent heavy rains. Copeland said he heard snakes dislike sulfuric acid and plans to spray his yard with it.

Fortunately for Jerel Heywood, the snake was not venomous, he didn't need stiches, and is currently taking antibiotics.

Taking into consideration the North Texas spring rains, be cautious, look ahead, and try to avoid being in the way of trying-to-stay-dry snakes.