Hershey's Releasing Limited Edition Emoji Chocolate Bars

Hershey's Foods Logo
Photo credit Photo: Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images
By 98.7 KLUV
After 125 years, the look of Hershey's chocolate bars is undergoing a temporary change.
CNN reports Hershey's is replacing it's logo with 25 popular emojis etched onto the rectangles of it's chocolate bars, for a limited time, with a limited release of approx. 25 million standard and snack-sized versions in (6) different packages, beginning this summer.

In a press release, Kristen Ohm, senior manager of Hershey's says, "By adding an emoji design to each pip of chocolate, we hope that parents and kids are inspired to share a chocolate emoji and make a connection with someone new."

Hershey's says, each of the emojis were chosen to "feature meanings that would help to spark a conversation." 

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