Krispy Kreme To Feature Valentines Day "Conversation Doughnuts"

Krispy Kreme
Photo credit Photo: John Shearer/Shopper News/SIPA USA
By 98.7 KLUV
Last July, The Daily Meal reported Necco, the classic candy company that made Conversation Hearts, went out of business, selling to Round Hill Investments in May, which sold it not long after to another company.

Fans of the brand spread word to buy up what you can.

This year, you won't be able to find the original, and the first time since 1886. New owner Spangler Candy Company may return the brand to stores next year.

Meanwhile, Krispy Kreme will take the above old-school tradition to a different plain.

Krispy Kreme will offer filled "Conversation Doughnuts" with tasty phrases including "Be Mine", "Pick Me!", "So Extra", "All The Feels", and "DM Me", in Raspberry, Chocolate, Cake Batter, plus Strawberries and Kreme flavors.

Happy Valentines Day... uh... in advance... :).