Madonna's Neighbors Want Her To Reimburse $140,000 in Legal Fees

Photo credit Photo: Ron Elkman-USA TODAY NETWORK
By 98.7 KLUV
Page Six reports over the past 3 years, Madonna's neighbors in NY's posh Epperley Hall, have been in court with her concerning her breaking a rule of her being required to be in residence if relatives wish to live there.

In 2016, Madonna sued the co-op over the rule that requires her to be "in residence" when family and domestic help were living there. Madonna's argument was that she is a "world-renowned recording artist" who is "constantly on world tours" and "owns many residences around the world." A judge disagreed and dismissed the suit in 2017. She has appealed the ruling. 

Madonna's neighbors are tired of her "endless litigation" and say, “her unique ability to fund endless litigation, however meritless, prejudices the building’s innocent shareholders who are funding this litigation while also complying with the use provision that plaintiff seeks to invalidate for personal desires."

Bottom line... they want it to end, are now suing her for $140,000 in attorney fees.