New "Hickory Bird" Restaurant Chain Opens In North Texas via Walmart

Hickory Bird Restaurant
Photo credit Photo: courtesy of Hickory Bird
By 98.7 KLUV

Well, this is one way to put your product out to the masses, quickly.

Guidelive reports Southern comfort food restaurant chain Hickory Bird recently opened it's first North Texas location, and not the normal way. 

"Hickory Bird" is best known for it's marinated, dry-rubbed, smoked whole chicken and an 8-piece family lunch or dinner is approx. $15. Other menu items include chicken tenders, bbq, plus Tex-Mex.

"Hickory Bird" and is now inside Walmart in Bedford (where McDonald's used to be) on Highway 121.

Hickory Bird President Steve Rich says, "people [in North Texas> appreciate good food, and they've been very supportive of very good brands that deliver on their promise on food and service."

The reason the Hickory Bird California team are focused on North Texas as a testing ground is simple according to Rich, "People are migrating to Texas in flocks."

The next "Hickory Bird" will open later this year in Ft. Worth and (2) more locations are planned for the DFW suburbs.