Here's 1 Way To Help A Texas Teen Find A Summer Job

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By 98.7 KLUV

Ambitious Texas teens are wise enough to already be looking for summer jobs. Waiting too long too long to do so often leads to lesser choices. 

NBC 5 reports one way Texas teens can find a job or jobs, is through the app called, "Skratch", which was created in 2016. Here's how it works!

  • Teens age 14 - 20 may use it
  • register on the app and select the preferred job
  • the app connects the teen to the neighorhood they choose
  • jobs vary and include a wide array from cleaning a garage to tutoring
  • the parent/parents of teens under age 18 can be tie-in to the teen's experience so they know what their son or daughter would be getting involved in, what time the job begins and when he or she leaves it.
  • users are screened against the sex offender registry for Texas

According to Skratch co-founder and CEO Scott Bennett, "The whole vision of this app was about creating teens as entrepreneurs and allowing them to raise their hand and say I want to work, I’m ambitious."

Bennett continued, "And we really don’t discriminate on who uses the app. In fact, our dream was that people would discover this and say this is the right thing for today’s teenager. Because quite frankly, teens have always worked and they have a lot of skills -- everything from technical to otherwise. So there’s no barrier to what teens are able to do, it’s just the access that we provide. The easy connectivity."

The Skratch app is also available in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Waco, and just expanded to over 700 zip codes across Texas.

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There is nothing like the pride of self-worth and knowing the money in your pocket, is money you earned.

Best wishes to all Texas teens seeking summer employment!