How Do You Drive a Stolen Car While Robbing 4 North Texas Waffle Houses and NOT Think You'll Be Caught?

waffle house
Photo credit USA Today
By 98.7 KLUV

Ft. Worth and Grand Prairie Police are shaking their heads today, after arresting 18-year-olds Justanity Johnson and Xavier Parham in connection with aggravated robberies at (4) North Texas Waffle House locations, including one in Roanoke and one in Saginaw, while driving a stolen vehicle!

NBC 5 reports the robberies began Monday around 12:30 a.m. at Waffle House on Oakland Blvd. in Ft. Worth, the next 30 mins later at another along Alta Mere Dr., and a total of (4) within 80 mins.

Ft. Worth and Grand Prairie police found Johnson and Parham at around 2 a.m., driving a black Ford Mustang that matched a description of the vehicle at the place of the robberies. Both were arrested. 

Aggravated robbery can land a person significant prison time. Imagine how much prison time one could receive if found guilty of (4) counts?

A job of any kind, Waffle House included, is far better than prison.