UPDATE: A Veritable Atmospheric Buffet Of Weather On The Way

Weather Update Information Prediction Climate Daily Concept.
Photo credit Photo: Rawpixelimages/Dreamstime.com
By 98.7 KLUV

That 60ish degree temp that the National Weather Service predicted today will be no-where-near-in-sight!

98.7K-LUV sister station NewsRadio 1080 KRLD's Chief Meteorologist Dan Brounoff reports even colder temps than previously predicted are possible.

TODAY: P-cloudy - Windy - High 42

TONIGHT: FREEZE WARNING - Clear - Windy - Low 24

TOMORROW: Cloudy - Breezy - High 38

SATURDAY: Cloudy - Light rain possible by evening - High 40

SUNDAY: Cloudy - Rain likely - High 45

Stay warm...

LANGUAGE WARNING! (yeah, it's Classic Eddie Murphy)

Yes, stay warm, but NOT the Uncle Gus way... hehe!