[VIDEO] Dallas Native Goes Viral For His Fall Off The Bone Turkey Legs

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By 98.7 KLUV

You might have to go try this turkey leg after watching these videos. 

So far this Dallasite has racked up more than one million views on Twitter after asking one of his customers to lightly shake his turkey leg. 

Corey Bradley Jr. is the owner of Corey’s Catering; on the side, he sells smoked turkey legs at pop up’s all around Dallas. His motto for his turkey legs is, “If it don't fall off the bone, it's free.” Can’t beat a deal like that, can you? 

Quincy Trailer drove all the way from Terrell just to try one of these turkey legs, and he was not disappointed. One of Bradley’s turkey legs will cost you $12 or $20 for two; at those rates you kind of want it to stay on the bone. 

Bradley asked Trailer to shake the turkey leg he bought and rerecorded him shaking it. The meat fell right off the bone. Bradley asked another customer to do the same and the meat just slid right off. Check out the videos below.

You’ll sure be hungry for a turkey leg after watching these videos a few times. 

Via: Dallas Observer