"Blazing Saddles" To Be Remade Into Animated Film About Samurai Dogs And Cats

Mel Brooks, Red Carpet, 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival
Photo credit (Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia)
By 98.7 KLUV
Blazing Saddles is being remade for 2021.
The Mel Brooks picture has inspired Blazing Samurai, which follows dogs and cats who are also Samurai warriors.  The film, from film company Align, follows a dog, Hank, who dreams of becoming a Samurai. He becomes in charge of protecting a town called Kakamucho, where he learns that it is entirely populated by cats.

The voice cast includes Michael Cera, Samuel L. Jackson, Ricky Gervais, George Takei, Michelle Yeoh, Djimon Hounsoul, and Mel Brooks.

Align co-founder Adrian Politowski said in a statement, "We’ve always been passionate about animation and are thrilled to be taking part in Blazing Samurai.  With the arrival of COVID-19 across Europe and North America, our team came together to shift our strategy to meet the limitations of the new filmmaking landscape. It was a natural step for us to shift our focus to high-end commercial animation projects. Blazing Samurai is the first of more to come."
Blazing Saddles was released in 1974.  Blazing Samurai will be released sometime in 2021.