“Bloodthirsty” Squirrel Terrorizing Texas Neighborhood, Sends Two To Hospital

Squirrel, Eastern Gray Squirrel, Tree
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By 98.7 KLUV

A neighborhood in Houston is currently being terrorized by what local residents are calling a “bloodthirsty” squirrel.

Sharlene French-Amezquita says, “We usually don’t go outside in the daytime because he comes out in the daytime.”

In fact, this bloodthirsty squirrel has sent two to the hospital already, the victims left bloodied, bruised and in need of stitches. French-Amezquita said, "When I stepped outside the door he leaped on me and bit my arm, I pulled him off, threw him to the ground, and tried to get in the house.  I couldn’t get in the house because he came back, he bit this leg."

Residents of the neighborhood have contacted both animal control and Texas Parks & Wildlife, but were told until someone traps the squirrel, they can’t move it.