Company Releases Football-Scented Candles That Smell Like Artificial Turf, Nachos, And Jockstraps

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By 98.7 KLUV

The NFL completes their opening weekend of the year with a couple of games tonight!

As exciting as live sports are again, fans still are not allowed in most of these stadiums, or at a very limited capacity.  

So the help recreate the setting of a live football game, Babe Wine has just unveiled a collection of candles that recreate some of your favorite smells at a football game, or any other sport!

Babe Wine's candles come in three scents so far: Hashtag Field Goals, which smells like turf, Jockstrap, which is inspired by the "lovely" smells that emanate from a locker room, and $18 Nachos, which the company says you should burn when "you're overcome with fomo for live sports and processed cheese."

Chelsea Phillips, general manager at Babe Wine, said in a statement, "As football season kicks off without fans in the stands, we saw an opportunity to enhance the at-home game day experience through some pretty unique scents that'll make you feel like you're really there."

A three-pack of the candles is available now, and can be purchased for $69.

Via Retail Dive