Costco Will No Longer Let You Eat In Their Food Court Unless You Have A Membership

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Photo credit (Photo by SAM OWENS/ COURIER & PRESS)
By 98.7 KLUV

Those that shop at the mega store Costco will swear by its amazing food court.

The food is first of all cheap, but incredibly delicious.  So much so, that people who aren't even members of the chain will visit specifially just to eat.  

Well, Costco has decided enough is enough, and is putting an end to this practice.  Beginning March 16, only active Costco members will be allowed to order from the food court, even if you're taking it out of the store.

Of course, people are upset.  One loyal Costco pizza consumer wrote, "Going to lose out of a lot of money from customers who don’t have membership that do purchase from the outdoor food court."  Another wrote, "This is so lame honestly, what exactly do they need it for is not like we getting a hotdog for free lmao."

Costco memberships cost about $60 a year, so is that pizza worth that?