Fired From America - 7/27 to 7/31

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By 98.7 KLUV

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7/27 - Florida Woman Arrested After Attacking Dad After He Didn't Share His Medical Marijuana

A 22-year-old Florida woman was upset her father was sharing his weed with his friends and not her, so she attacked him, dragging him down to the floor and attempting to grab his testicles.

7/28 - Woman Slashes Boyfriend's Head With Machete After He Pees The Bed

An Illinois woman is in jail after attacking her boyfriend with a machete after he peed their bed.  

7/29 - Man Arrested After Blowing COVID Relief Funds On Dating Sites, Hotels, And A Lamborghini

A 29-year-old in Miami received nearly $4 million in COVID relief funds from the government, and spent it on a $318,000 car, jewelry, clothes, hotel stays, and dating sites.

7/30 - Woman Throws TV At Boyfriend After She Caught Him "Researching" Pornography

48-year-old Tammy Neviline Marshall of Dunnellon, Florida is accused of hitting her man with, amongst other things, a TV set and an Xbox controller after she caught him watching pornography.

7/31 - Woman Arrested After Coming Home To Find Husband In Bed With Another Woman

A 29-year-old Florida woman went into a rampage resulting in her arrest, after she came home to find her husband in bed with another woman.  

7/31 (BONUS!) - Naked Man Arrested After Getting Into A Fight With Security Guards At Drive-In Theater

A 28-year-old in Ohio was arrested after he got into a fight with security guards at a drive-in movie theater, all while naked.