General Mills admits their cereal doesn't taste as good, so they're bringing back their '80s flavors

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By 98.7 KLUV

General Mills has a confession to make.  

They were wrong about their breakfast cereals.

WIth the goal of trying to make their cereals healthier, they took out many of the artificial ingredients and flavors that made them taste so good.  General Mills has admitted that that was a mistake.  

As such, they're pumping all of those artificial flavors BACK into their cereals, notably Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Cookie Crisp, and Trix!

Jennifer Jorgensen, vice president of marketing for General Mills cereal, said "Our fans crave a taste of nostalgia – and, while these four cereals have always remained popular, we’ve answered their requests and brought back the taste they remember from childhood.  After all, was there anything better as a kid than waking up on Saturday morning, grabbing your favorite cereal and watching cartoons? We’re hoping fans can relive these fun moments while sharing the classic taste they loved with their own families now.”

Cocoa Puffs will be delivering more chocolatey taste, Cookie Crisp is bringing in more chocolate chip cookie taste, Trix will be reviving its classic six fruity shapes, and Golden Grahams will be made with real honey!Via Business Wire