Grandmother Charges Family $45 Each In Order To Eat Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner, Turkey, Meal, Christmas Tree, Burning Candles
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By 98.7 KLUV

Preparing and serving Christmas dinner doesn't come cheap, so an English grandmother came up with a solution to offset the enourmous cost to feed her family this holiday season.

About four years ago, Hayley Garbutt began charging her family members a fee to eat Christmas dinner.  As the number of attendees increased, obviously the cost did too.  This years, Garbutt charged family members and friends $45 to eat, which she says now allows her to spoil her family in other ways.

Garbutt told the Sun, "I get all of my family to put in before I go and do the shop.  This year I spent $388 online at Morrisons, doing the big shop and making sure I had a variety of things in. But it's not that I'm being tight - it means I get to spend more in other aspects then too like presents - this year the tree has so many presents stacked around it, that you can't even see it."

Garbutt loves to treat her family, so what better time than Christmas?  She says, "In truth, I'd probably say my family are spoiled at Christmas, but that's part of the fun of it.”

Via Fox News