Is This Male Bridesmaid Justified In Refusing To Wear A Dress And Makeup To His Best Friend's Wedding?

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By 98.7 KLUV

A man took to Reddit with a question that could potentially ruin his relationship with his best friend.

The 22-year-old posted in the "Am I The A**hole" thread, stating that his best friend is getting married, and she wants him to be one of her bridesmaids.  The problem comes when she demanded he wear a dress and makeup for her special day.  

This guy didn't really feel comfortable wearing a dress and makeup, and said as much to the bride.  He wrote in the post, "I’m extremely comfortable with my masculinity, but wearing make up and dresses is something I am just 100% not comfortable with. I love my friend so much but this really isn’t something I’m willing to do. When I tried to explain this to her she got even more mad. She told me it was her day, and I told her I understood but I wasn’t willing to do that."

Unfortunately, she did not take too kindly to this news.

If he was unwilling to wear the dress and makeup, she said it'd be better if he didn't come to the wedding at all.  He wrote, "She then told me that she’d prefer me to just not go to the wedding at all.  The argument was 3 days ago and we haven’t spoken since."

So is this guy the a**hole for not agreeing to wear the dress and makeup?