Man Kicked Out Of Shopping Mall For Looking Too Much Like Santa

Santa Claus, Presents, Bag, Thumbs Up
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By 98.7 KLUV

South Carolina man Robert Allen goes everywhere dressed in his signature look.

He wears his signature red and white shirt, complete with matching hat, has a long white beard, and a nice jolly belly.

Sound like anyone else you know?

Robby also happens to refer to himself as “Robby Claus” because he indeed dresses like Santa in order to “get people to laugh and spread a little love over the Christmas season.”

Unfortunately, dressing just like Santa landed Robby Claus in a little bit of hot water.  

He was enjoying a meal with his family at a South Carolina mall when he was asked to leave by mall security.  Allen recalled, “You can’t come in here. I said, ‘Why?’ You look too much like Santa Claus. I said, ‘What, all I want to do is get some lunch.”

Representatives from Rock Hill Galleria said the mall has an exclusive contract with another Santa, and is not allowed to have any other Santa-lookalikes on the premises.  

They said Allen is welcome back to the Galleria as long as he does not dress as St. Nick.  Allen’s intentions are rather clear, however.  “They are going to get a bag of coal without the coal in it,” he said.