News anchor fired after appearing in latest Adam Sandler movie "Hubie Halloween"

Adam Sandler, Film Independent Spirit Awards, 2020, Mustache
Photo credit (Photo by Birdie Thompson/AdMedia/Sipa USA)
By 98.7 KLUV
Adam Sandler's Halloween movie Hubie Halloween is currently available to stream on Netflix, though the film has already caused some minor controversy.
News anchor Alaina Pinto of WHDH Channel 7 News in Boston appeared in the film in a small cameo appearance, where she played a news anchor dressed as Batman character "Harley Quinn."

Unfortunately, this appearance has cost Pinto her job with the network.

Pinto explained on Twitter that she had "violated her contract" by appearing in the movie, and was let go from Channel 7 News as a result.

Hubie Halloween has been the most-watched film on Netflix since its debut on October 7. 

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