Texas Mother Makes $30,000 A Year Dumpster Diving

Dumpster, Trash, Litter, Garbage, Garbage Bin
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By 98.7 KLUV

Tiffany Butler is a 31-year-old teacher living in Texas who has an amazing side hustle.

She dumpster dives, and she is evidently one of the best.

She has become famous on Instagram and TikTok where she's known as the "Dumpster Diving Mama," where she posts her incredible finds and discoveries, often found in the most unassuming of places.  Butler told In The Know, "When it comes to valuables, I’ve found SO many things.  From six boxes of untouched perfect makeup to a $3,000 armoire or boxes of brand new pet supplies, I have found so many awesome things I really can’t keep track of everything."

Butler sells the majority of what she finds in dumpsters through garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, and other online marketplaces such as Poshmark and Mercari.  She said, "In 2018 I made around $30,000 just selling my dumpster finds.  I sell about 80 percent of my finds."

Via Yahoo!