Washing Your Car In A Bikini May Help Your Burn More Calories

Bikini, Car Wash, Woman
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By 98.7 KLUV

If your car is in need of a good wash, you may want to throw on that bathing suit.

According to WebMD, washing your car by hand burns 135 calories per half hour of work if you weigh 125 pounds, and 200 calories per half hour if you weigh 185.  However, Mel Magazine writer Magdalene Taylor believes you could potentially burn MORE if you just throw on you bathing suit in the process.  

She writes, "Imagine if you’re washing your car with a shirt you might wear to church, you’re probably playing it pretty safe — you’re gonna wash it with careful movements so as not to splash yourself with water. You’re gonna avoid climbing onto the hood of the car to really get the windshield region clean. Maybe you even just wash the whole thing from a distance using only a hose, as car guys on YouTube recommend.  But if you’re in your bathing suit, there’s no fear of getting wet. You can really scrub that thing. You can get your whole body involved. Bikini car wash scenes in movies sometimes show girls rubbing down the car with their breasts — that’s gotta be a bit more rigorous than walking a dog, right?"

So there you go!  Bathing suits allow for more " intensive cleaning positions," so more calories will be burned!  Your car dirty?  Time to test it out!

Via Mel Magazine