Average American Would Take A $316 Pay Cut Per Month To Continue Working From Home

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By 98.7 KLUV

It seems that most Americans have adjusted to a life of working from home.

In fact, it seems that most Americans prefer it.

A new survey of 3,500 Americans from RealBusinessSavings.com found that the average American would take a $316 pay cut in order to continue working from home, even after the lockdown.  Additionally, 57% of employees said that they would be requesting to continue working from home when lockdown ends in order to reduce the chanes and risks of catching COVID-19 in the workplace.  

As far as why people would want to continue working from home, 30% of employees said saving money on transportation is the best thing about working from home, followed closely by no daily commute at 28%.  22% said the best part is saving money on lunch or after work drinks, 12% said avoiding office politics, and 8% said their favorite part is not having to wear business clothes.

Via CBS Austin