Adam Sandler's SNL Tribute To Chris Farley Will Leave You In Tears

Photo credit (Photo by Anthony Behar/Sipa USA)
By 98.7 KLUV

For the first time in 20-something years, Adam Sandler found himself back on Saturday Night Live. Not as a character, but as the host! Not only that, but his wife and kids were there to support him. Even his old buddy Chris Rock stopped buy for the opening monologue and joined Sandler in song about getting fired by NBC.

The show was great, however, there is one special moment that stood out above all else...Adam Sandler's tribute to one of the greatest of all times, Chris Farley. It was funny, it was sweet, but more than anything else, it left Adam, the audience, and everyone else watching on TV choked up with tears. Not to mention SNL showed all these amazing pictures of Chris and peppered in some of his funniest moments from SNL.

Get out the tissues, this one's gonna get you in all the nostalgia feels.

Yep, we're still crying!