Adrian Beltre Pops Up In A JC Penney Ad, As An Actual Customer Because No One Knew It Was Adrian Beltre!

Photo credit (Photo by Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports)
By 98.7 KLUV

In Texas, if you see Adrian Beltre walking down the know it's Adrian Beltre! However, in L.A., not so much.

If you were wondering how Beltre's been spending his retirement, well, apparently it's shopping at JC Penney. Over the holidays, Beltre and his family were doing some last minute Christmas shopping at a JCP in Los Angeles. While picking up those last couple of items, a JCP commerical production crew filmed Beltre and his family, not knowing that it was former Texas Ranger third baseman Adrian Beltre!!!!!!

The best part...Beltre just went with it!