Ariana Grande Attempts To Fix Her Incorrect Japanese Tattoo (Which Said BBQ Grill), Actually Makes It Worse

Photo credit (Photo by Jason Mendez/Sipa USA)
By 98.7 KLUV

Well, it's strike two for Ariana Grande in the tattoo department. Whomp, whomp.

As you probably already know, Ariana recently put out a new album featuring the single "7 Rings". The song has been a huge hit for, so she celebrated with a new tattoo...the Japanese symbols for "7 Rings". Unfortunately, when you put those two symbols together, it doesn't mean "7 Rings". It actually means "small BBQ grill."

Ok, clearly not what she as going for, soooooooo, she tried to fix it. And here comes tattoo fail #2! By adding another Japanese symbol below the original symbols, her new tattoo says something like "Japanese BBQ finger".

Whoops! Perhaps her next visit will be to a doctor for tattoo removal.