Chucky Has New Look! What Do You Think?

Photo credit (Photo by Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports0
By 98.7 KLUV

Child's Play is back! That's right, that creepy Chucky doll from your childhood has returned to the big screen. And he's got a whole new look!

Scary as heck? Absolutely not! It's downright underwhelming. In fact, the original Chucky would have been just fine with a few robotic upgrades. However, the idea to change his entire face may have been a huge mistake. He's lost that real doll creep factor. Here, we'll let you be the judge...

Seriously, his face look like bad CGI, but it's not. They actually used 6 different robots to pull of the special effects of Chucky in the film.

And this is why you don't make remakes.