Sign The Petition To Make Dr. Pepper The "Official Soft Drink Of Texas"

Photo credit (Photo by Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports)
By 98.7 KLUV

This is Texas. Dr. Pepper is already the unofficial drink of Texas. However, wouldn't it be nice if we could help make it official?

Dr. Pepper is Texas born and Texas bread. It started way back in 1885 in a little town called Waco. It's 23 delicious flavors have been a part of the Texas lifestyle for over 100 years! There's not a lot of other brands that can say that!

So, like we said earlier, how can we make Dr. Pepper the official drink of Texas? Well, there's good news! Dr. Pepper has started a petition on in an effort to snag the official soft drink of Texas title. In fact, you can sign it HERE.

Ok, let's make it happen.