George W. Bush Serves Up Pizza For His Furloughed Secret Service Team

Photo credit (Photo by Jack Gruber-USA TODAY)
By 98.7 KLUV

We're going on 30 days since the government shutdown. That means a lot of government employees aren't getting paid, including the secret service of former president George W. Bush, who are currently working for free!

However, there is a bright spot in the story. Their hard work is not going unnoticed. In fact, George W. and Laura brought the pizza party to their furloughed secret service agents. George W. Bush said...

"@LauraWBush and I are grateful to our Secret Service personnel and the thousands of Federal employees who are working hard for our country without a paycheck. And we thank our fellow citizens who are supporting them. It’s time for leaders on both sides to put politics aside, come together, and end this shutdown."

Next cream party!