Alison Brie Responds To The Supposed Chrissy Metz "B#$@%" Comment

Photo credit (Photo by Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK)
By 98.7 KLUV

The drama between Alison Brie and Chrissy Metz during the Golden Globes has officially been squashed. And by both Alison Brie and Chrissy Metz herself.

Here's what happened...things got a little weird during an interview on the red carpet last night. While wrapping up an interview with Chrissy Metz and segwaying to another interview with Alison Brie, the mics were left on. Based on the footage, it sounds like someone is saying Alison Brie is "such a bitch." Although you can't see who is speaking, the blame fell directly on Chrissy Metz from "This Is Us."

We'll let you judge for yourself on what was or wasn't said.

Ok, it definitely sounds like bitch. However, it also could have been a joke, like a very sarcastic "she's such a bitch." Either way, Chrissy Metz addressed the issue on Twitter sometime during the Globes saying the whole thing was "completely fabricated."

Well, now Alison Brie has weighed in. She's not buying into the "bitch" comment either. In fact, she took to her Instagram stories to say...

"Nothing but love for Chrissy Metz!! Rumors can't keep us down!" has the screenshot HERE.