Game Of Thrones Back Under Fire After Image Surfaces Of Jaime Lannister With His Real Hand

Photo credit (Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)
By 98.7 KLUV

Game of Thrones just can't catch a break. Last week we all lost our minds over a coffee cup that landed in a scene. This week, there's controversy of Jaime Lannister's gold hand.

WARNING! Spoilers ahead.

Earlier today, a screen shot surfaced of one of the final scenes in episode 5, Jaime Lannister holding Cersei. In the embrace, you can clearly see Jaime's real hand, not his fake gold hand.

OMG! Did Jaime's hand grow back? No, obviously no. Because of this pic, GOT is now getting dragged on social media. However, this continuity error didn't actually make it into the show! It's nothing more than an episode gallery photo, which like all show photos are taken on set before CGI.

By the way, HBO has already pulled the photo.