Home Owner’s Association Complains About Mooning Pumpkin Man Yard Display

Pumpkin, Butt, Buttocks
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By 98.7 KLUV

Like many of us, Georgia man Mike O’Neill decorated his front yard for Halloween.

He wanted to make sure his display stood out, so his decoration, as he describes it, consisted of a “pumpkin man who is mooning with his rear-end being pumpkins.”

He covered the pumpkin man’s “rear” with a large sign that reads, “Censored by GBHOA.”

O’Neill stressed though that his decorations are there purely to “break up the monotony of life.” He said, “This is the time of year where you have a little bit of fun.  Make sure were all a bit more understanding and have a little bit more sense of humor.”

Via NBC 15