This Is The Greatest & Most Accurate Review Of Buc-ee's!!!

Photo credit (Photo by Gannett, Mary Chind/The Des Moines Register)
By 98.7 KLUV

Buc-ee's is the happiest place in Texas! Yes, it's gas station, but it so much more than that. It's a one stop shop for anything and everything Texas. Plus, you get beef jerky, delicious homemade sandwiches and BBQ, beaver nuggets, and the best bathrooms on Earth! 

All Texans know and celebrate the glory of Buc-ee's. In fact, we're really proud of this place. But do outsiders really understand the wonderment of Buc-ee's?

The answer is YES! Or at least Iowa gets it. Just read this absolutely glorious review!

You're dang right you can live in those bathrooms!