Joey AKA Matt LeBlanc Stole Props From The Set Of Friends

Photo credit (Photo by PA Images/Sipa USA)
By 98.7 KLUV

Matt LeBlanc is a thief!

As Man with a Plan gets ready to return to TV for season 4, Matt LeBlanc is making the late night rounds. On Friday night he sat down with the Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon.

Recently, there was some drama between the TV show Friends and Netflix. Of course, Fallon brought that up and while talking about the show, LeBlanc offered up a bit of a confession. As it turns out, he stole a few things from the set...the ball from the foosball table and the Magna-Doodle from Joey and Chandler's apartment.

Now he did keep the foosball for himself, but there's a really cool story behind the Magna-Doodle. He stole it for someone else. One of the electricians on the show would change the Magna-Doodle for every episode. So, LeBlanc snagged it and gave it to him!