Wanna Lose Weight? New Workout Workout Will Scare The Pounds Right Off!

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By 98.7 KLUV

Wanna lose weight? Facing your fears could be the answer! Literally scare the pounds right off!

Imagine this...your sound asleep. It's the middle of the night when suddenly and unknown man in a mask bursts through your bedroom door waving around a chainsaw. What do you do???

It may be an obvious answer, but it's also one that burns calories! RUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gents, we give you Scared S#!@less Fitness! Sign up, tell them your deepest, darkest fear, and they'll take care of the rest!

Ok, clearly this isn't real. However, based on all the comments, it looks like people dig the idea! We would definitely be down to try it out! How about you?