Security Cameras Capture The Moment A KFC Restaurant Explodes In The Middle Of The Night

KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Restaurant, Now Open, Barrigada, 2018
Photo credit (Photo by Frank San Nicolas/PDN)
By 98.7 KLUV

The employees at a KFC in North Carolina remember smelling gas.

As the staff was prepping to close the restaurant for the evening, several employees relayed to their manager they smelled gas from somewhere around the restaurant.  The manager called the local gas company and tried shutting of the gas, but unfortunately, his efforts went unrewarded.

The KFC ended up exploding, in a blast felt two miles away.  Luckily, the restaurant was completely vacated at the time, but the explosion resulted in damage to nearly all the surrounding buildings. 

Thankfully, nobody was injured as a result of the explosion.  Though a gas leak is suspected, no official cause of the blast has been determined yet.  A gas company does plan to check the pressure of the gas line.