Spider Captures And Eats Bat Caught In Web Outside Texas Home

Garden Spider, Black and Yellow, Trap, Grasshopper, Web, Large
Photo credit (Photo by Getty Images)
By 98.7 KLUV

Spiders.  Bats.  Webs.  It’s more than two months until Halloween and we have found the creepiest story of the year.

Annette Alaniz Guajardo from Poteet, Texas, a town south of San Antonio, was leaving work when she noticed a bat caught in a spider web outside her home.  Whenever she arrived home, the bat was dead, and was being consumed by the black and yellow garden spider that caught it.

Matt Bertone, an entomologist with the North Carolina State University, said that while the Argiope aurantia spider is harmless to humans, they are known to eat flies, bees, other insects, and larger animals.

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