Attention Parents! YouTube Kids Has Been Hacked By The Momo Challenge

By 98.7 KLUV

Bad news. The Momo Challenge is back. And unfortunately, it's managed to find it's way into some kid shows on YouTube.

Just a quick recap on the Momo Challenge (so you know what to look for)...Momo is a creepy doll that gets spliced into YouTube videos urging people to call the number and speak with Momo. Once you call the number, the threats start. Some messages are very graphic, others ask you to do dangerous things or else there will be consequences like death.

By the way, this is Momo. Do NOT let your kids watch anything with her in it.

Normally, Momo would pop up in adult content, however, it has managed to hack into kid videos on YouTube, specifically Peppa Pig and Fortnite videos. While it may scare your kids, there is no real threat or at least authorities don't think so. Instead, it's believed to be a scam in order to get your personal information.