Why Is Bryan Cranston Hanging Out In The Back Of A Truck With A Bunch Of Nuns?

Photo credit (Photo by Faye Sadou/AdMedia /Sipa USA)
By 98.7 KLUV

Bryan Cranston just won the internet. How? We'll give you a hint...nuns!

Our favorite meth dealer (JK, it's Breaking Bad joke), while visiting Puerto Rico ended up hanging out with a bunch of nuns in the back of a Ford pickup. Cranston captioned this pic with this...

"From now on this is how I’ll measure anything enjoyable: Is it more fun than a truck full of nuns? Bless you sisters, for all the wonderful work you do for the people of Puerto Rico. You’re a weapon of goodness which I’m going to name you: #nuntrucks #puertorico"

Seriously, find a more wholesome pic! We dare you!