12-Year-Old Boy Makes Bow Ties For Shelter Animals So They'll Look Cute In Photos

French Bulldog puppie wearing a bowtie
Photo credit (GlobalP/ iStock/ Getty Images Plus)
By 98.7 KLUV

This will warm your heart. A tween in New Jersey has decided to put his creativity to good use. 12-year-old Sir Darius Brown started his own company called Beaux and Paws to help shelter dogs get adopted. 

He was featured on the Today show where he explained how his handmade accessories contribute to animal rescue groups, "It helps the dog look noticeable, very attractive. It helps them find a forever, loving home.” 


He also makes custom bow ties with your pet's names and for special occasions. He gives 50% of the proceeds to ASPCA, and he uses the other half to buiy more supplies (fabric, thread, etc.) to keep making bow ties. This kid is already a better person than I am. BRB... going to donate. 

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