California Girl Gargles Listerine, Spits It Back Into Bottle, Then Returns Bottle To Shelf

Listerine bottles on the store shelf
Photo credit (Tim Boyle/ Getty Images)
By 98.7 KLUV

You've probably heard about the latest internet trend-- licking ice cream then putting it back in the store freezer for an unassuming customer to purchase.

Yes, it's gross. 

Yes, it's illegal. 

Yes, it's catching on with other products. 

A San Jose girl named Bameron Nicole Smith posted a video where she casually strolled through Walmart, opened a bottle of Listerine, swished some around in her mouth, spit it back into the bottle, and returned the bottle to the display. Here's the video. **LANGUAGE NSFW**


She also shared similar vids to social media, like this guy who drinks from a jug of AriZona Tea, then baby-birds it back into the container, and yep... re-stocks it on store shelf. **LANGUAGE NSFW**


America, let's be better. 

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